Eight Clear Signs It’s Time To Make A Leadership Change

I was recently invited to meet with an organization whose leadership wasted my time. An established, well-known company wanted to form a partnership with my organization. They had claimed to conduct their due diligence and their top leadership was in attendance. Much to my disappointment, not only were they looking to steal my ideas, but they were extremely inconsiderate in their approach and style. I wasn’t overly disappointed because this type of behavior happens more often than not these days ? as organizations attempt to copy-cat in acts of desperation to cultivate growth.

It was a shame to observe a well-respected company with such disingenuous leadership. It was uncomfortable to see the body language of embarrassment from the meeting organizer in response to the immaturity from his senior leadership. Desperation, disorganization and hidden agendas are clear signs of leadership immaturity and they were all present in this meeting. Is this organization at risk of losing its market leadership position? Is it time for a leadership change? Don?t wait too long to make a leadership change in your organization; here are eight clear signs that it?s time:

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